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The first thing we do is to arrange a visit to the machine for sale, this is with a qualified engineer with the experience and service diagnostic tool so he can access the service records burried within the machines software.


A full log is downloaded for assessment and close inspection to establish if there's been a history of faults. Once we're happy with the reports a nozzle test is performed to ensure the printheads are in good shape and make sure theres no sign of deflection or waveform degradation which is a sure sign of old or poorly maintanied printheads. Photographs are taken of the nozzle test and a copy of the test taken away for our records along with the engineers signature. The whole proceedure is normally a painstaking 58 point check which includes bearings and tubing!



Some machiines are not situated in the best of place i.e. mezzanines or narrow shop enterances and some machines need to be partially taken apart for transport.

A site survey is perfromed to establish the best logistical way to remove the machine safely.

The machine is then cleaned and more photographs taken ready for it's website debut!

The machine is always transported on its own pallet which we always keep in stock along with our own logistics team which have great knowledge of the Arizona's and Acuitys. A site supervisor or engineer from Arizonafinders will always be on hand to supervise the removal and installation at all times to ensure a smooth and professional transaction.



Quite often there's a huge demand for these machines and there's normally a buyer already waiting for it's removal. Mostly the machines are taken from one customer and installed immediatley so once you've decided to make your investment the wait can be as little as 2 days. Installation, technical training and software guidance normally takes just 2 days! Levelling and re-aligning of printheads is vital to any large format printer as this often deternines it's life. A bad installation will lead to chassis twisting, poor quality printing etc which is why we only use our own factory trained team.

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Get the best value for your machine and let us handle the headache.

Selling your machine can be quite stressfull, especially if your planning to upgrade and the manufacturer won't take it in PX. In just a simple enquiry or phonecall to our offices we can initiate a plan that will take all the worry away from you.

If you'd like some advice or wish to sell your machine for the best price just fill in the form below and we'll do the rest.




Southern Office: Bournemouth

Midlands Office: Wellingborough

Northern Office: Liverpool / Ormskirk

Tel: 0800 368 9289

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